Our goal is to maintain a control and inspection system that will ensure delivery of high quality products to customers.


Quality Management Systems
Certified by DNV

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UL Listed for Industrial
Control Panels

US (UL File E359941)
CA (UL File E359941)

UL Recognized for Wiring Harnesses

US (UL File E163115)
CA (UL File E163115)


The policy for quality at Mercury Electronics Division of Diversified Traffic Products (hereafter referred to as M.E.D.) is to establish and maintain a control and inspection system that will ensure delivery of satisfactory products to all its customers. M.E.D. will comply with all contractual quality assurance provision as defined by its own, and its customer requirements. The policies contained herein are modeled after Military and ISO Requirements. They are incorporated as part of company policy to ensure that its supplies or services meet the highest quality standards.


Our quality system relies upon employee involvement, process control, and systematic problem-solving. Each employee has direct responsibility for continuous improvement and complete customer satisfaction.


The M.E.D. Quality policy is: The employees of Mercury Electronics Division are dedicated to a total quality system, which relies upon the following:


1. Employee involvement.

2. Systematic problem-solving.

3. Continuous process improvement.


Our goal is “complete customer satisfaction.”


Mercury Electronics provides employee training for processes critical to the production and inspection of assemblies we manufacture.


Unless specified otherwise by customer contract, Mercury Electronics adheres to the wire harness industry standard IPC/WHMA-A-620, Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies as its product workmanship standard. This Standard incorporates several classes, or levels, of assembly and inspection to meet the needs of consumer, commercial, industrial, military, aerospace, and medical customers. Mercury Electronics is also familiar with many of the older military and commercial harness assembly standards, the requirements of which can usually be met by utilizing the appropriate class of IPC/WHMA-A-620.


All product is subject to 100% visual Final Inspection. Mercury Electronics has the ability to perform computerized open / shorts and high potential testing of products to ensure they meet customer functional, reliability, and regulatory requirements. Certificates of Compliance may be issued to demonstrate required adherence to drawings and specifications.