Industries Served

With the ability to meet a diverse range of customer requirements Mercury Electronics has a successful record of servicing numerous industries including, but not limited to, the following:

Heavy Equipment

The heavy equipment industry encompasses a wide variety of needs for electrical components. From simple relays and battery cable kits to complex panel assemblies and engine harnesses, Mercury Electronics has the capabilities to meet your project’s demands.

HVAC, Refrigeration, Air Handling Systems and Freezing Equipment

Mercury Electronics has over 35 years of experience servicing the HVAC, refrigeration, air handling systems, and freezing equipment industries. Products range from small wiring assemblies to large cabinets and enclosures, which are found anywhere from commercial buildings to military applications.

Aerospace, Defense, and Security

Defense, government, and security contracts require the ability to manufacture to the most stringent of military specifications. Mercury Electronics takes pride in our ability to comply with testing standards and documentation guidelines mandated by ITAR compliance, AS9100 and other custom applications you may require.


Mercury Electronics supplies products for various modes of transportation, consisting of mass transit, light rail, and freight. We help to ensure that safety and comfort is provided through braking systems, door operating systems, and HVAC.

Service Business

An important segment of our business model is servicing and supplying small quantity, quick turn products for Original Equipment Manufacturers years after production has concluded. This can be invaluable in extending the life of legacy products for both your company and your customers.

Plus many other
industries including:

Pari-Mutuel Wagering
Elevator Systems
The Capability to Branch Out to Any Industry Not Listed!

Mercury Electronics is a leading provider of electrical and electronic contract manufacturing services for clients worldwide, serving a wide range of commercial industries and military applications.